Heart of Gold

Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - limited edition Ho-oh figure

Have you ever bought an item or won an item in an auction on eBay thinking that you had won an item of a specific sort only to receive the package… and then realize that there were surprises in store for you?

It’s been a while since I’ve received any surprises through eBay auctions, but I guess my Tonberry card was feeling neglected because it suddenly activated on me and what was already a good bargain became a VERY unexpected (but much appreciated!) steal of a deal.

The item in question that became a steal of a deal is this:

Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game

Originally, I was bidding – or I thought I was bidding – on just that – the Pokemon HeartGold version boxed game with the manuals and Pokewalker accessory for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

After some communication with the seller to (ironically) confirm the contents of the auction, I made my bid and then won the auction for less than $30.00 with Priority shipping included.

Because I wanted to catch the Nintendo Wi-Fi Mew event before October 30, I asked the seller if they would mind shipping it with Priority if I volunteered to pay the additional shipping. They agreed to it and promised to try and ship ASAP as long as I could make my payment in time.

The payment was made faster than you could yell “Pokemon!” and after that, it became a waiting game… that lasted a grand total of two days. The package shipped on Monday and it reached me on Wednesday (today).

I was definitely anticipating the arrival of the package so I was really happy (and relieved!) to see the package in my mailbox and after taking care of the other pieces of not-so-interesting mail, I set up my table to get ready for a photography session.

In the middle of cutting open the bubble envelope, I realized that the package inside… was bigger than my SoulSilver box.

Wait… what? What was going on? Didn’t I buy the HeartGold version of the game?

I hurriedly cut away the rest of the top of the envelope, reached inside, and pulled out THIS:

Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - Wal-Mart limited edition bundle

WHOA! Talk about surprises!

Here I thought I had won an auction for the game set ONLY… only to receive the Wal-Mart limited edition bundle set that includes the boxed game with the Pokewalker accessory, a Ho-oh and HeartGold-themed Pokewalker jacket with a wrist strap, and a Ho-oh figurine!

Since I had only purchased the game set with no extras I thought that maybe some of the items in the bundle were probably missing and so I opened up the box and pulled everything out to see what the deal was.

Maaan oh man. Just take a LOOK at this!

Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - Wal-Mart limited edition bundle set Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - Wal-Mart limited edition bundle set Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - Wal-Mart limited edition bundle set Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - Wal-Mart limited edition bundle set Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS Game - Wal-Mart limited edition bundle set

I was kind of expecting for something or other to be missing since I had made the assumption that I was buying the game set only (the game box with its contents that you saw in a earlier picture), but inspection of my package shows that NOTHING is missing.

The limited edition Ho-oh figurine is there and so is the limited edition Pokewalker jacket cover with its matching wrist strap. Despite the box being a bit squashed in some places, everything packaged inside the box is in near-mint condition.

I guess when the seller told me that everything was nearly new and barely used, they really meant it because… wow. Just… wow.


I’m definitely surprised and for once, it’s in a good way!

Not only did I receive my package in record time for it having traveled across the country, but I received way more than I had bargained for besides.

Way, way cool.

To the seller who sold me this item, “THANK YOU; you really made my day and I hope you like the glowing feedback I left for you!”

Over and out,

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