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Hacked By Imam with love

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  1. Joe Schlitter says:

    Hi there Aith,

    I would first like to compliment you on your work setting the record straight about the “authentic Sleeping Lion Heart necklace” and the phony knock-off crap out there. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time as well as the necklace/boxset itself. I can not explain the sentimental value this piece has to me. My mother bought this for me when I was a youngster, a die hard final fantasy youngster I should say. (I have Cloud Strife tattooed on my back if that says anything at all) I remember the joy i had as a child when I recieved the necklace as a christmas present, it is a feeling I will never forget. Over time though my necklace/gunblade replica was lost because of my adolesence. With my mother’s passing a few years back, I have been on a mission to replace the one I had with the exact necklace I recieved many years ago. If you could find it in yourself to part with the box set, I would be forever greatful as it would provide a sentiment to myself that nothing in this world could replace. The price is yours to name, whatever you feel acceptable to part with this beautiful set. It is not the money for me, it is the memory and the pride I have for the people who have been apart of my life. Whatever your decision may be, I appreciate your time reading this messege. If you have any response, please email me directly at joe.schlitter@gmail.com

  2. paul says:

    Hello Aith, long time no see, yes.

    I came back once again since I found something really interesting, the FFVIII silver 925 Griever pendant, the official one yes. The only difference is in the box, yours is a beautiful jewelry box with two little doors and a keychain inside. The one I found comes just with one ordinary box, and no keychain insde. The guy who sold the pendant lost the authenticity certificate paper. But the pendant seems really to be the real one with graving on the back and the “copyright Square” logo.

    What do you think about this? Did squaresoft release different version of this pendant? Thank you in advance.

    • Aith says:

      Hi Paul! 🙂

      When my pendant was released, there were two versions – a sterling silver boxed set version limited to 10,000 pieces and a sterling silver-plated version without a box limited to I forget how many.

      In regards to your current situation…

      From what I remember, when I purchased mine so many years ago, there were maybe a handful of sellers who were offering this product for sale and there were a VERY precious few that were being sold with the box/as a boxed set on top of it.

      As ALL of them were import-only (they were released ONLY in Japan and the sterling silver version only had 10,000 pieces besides), a lot of importers/exporters/sellers who sold to clients outside of Japan either got rid of the boxes to save on shipping to their clients, charged more – sometimes quite a bit more – to add in the box with the cards and keychain, or received their shipments without the boxes to save on import shipping.

      As there were only 10,000 pieces released (and I’m not even sure all 10,000 WERE manufactured and shipped) and only to Japan besides, you can imagine how difficult it might have been – especially in 2000 – for international sellers to import any significant numbers of this item. As such, the markup rate for this product upon importing into places other than Japan was oftentimes quite high depending on the seller.

      All that said, it IS entirely possible that the person received theirs/was sold theirs without the boxed set as that was very common back then.

      I was lucky to not only obtain mine as the full and complete set (I’m currently missing one trading card as it fell out during one of my moves, but I also have other cards from the same set which I can replace with) but to have also had the chance to purchase it with a low (low for an imported item back then anyways) markup rate with importing shipping and handling figured in.

      But also because of this, I paid for Federal Express (in the States, that was really expensive – the most expensive commercially-available way to ship things) to ship the package to me as the package not only needed insurance but also because it was considered bulky.

      If you’d like, you can link me to a picture of that necklace if you have one and I’d be more than happy to take a look at it!


      • paul says:

        Hi, thank you for your detailed answer. For the photos, here you go,


        what I worry about is the backside of the necklace. It seems to be polished so many time that the surface is concave and sinks, correct me if i am wrong. The seller sells it for 425 dollars, do you think the price is ok? And what do you think about the concave surface? Is there any method that allow me to recover the necklace to its original shinning shape? Thank you in advance

        • Aith says:

          Hi Paul! 🙂

          So from the photos, if the pendant and necklace are genuine (and they appear to be so), then what the person is selling is the re-released version of Griever. Square ever only did one re-release and it was around 2001-2002 around when Final Fantasy X was released and FFX jewelry was also for sale.

          During this re-release, 2-3 versions of the pendant were released – one was the pendant and chain (like the one pictured), one was the pendant with a clasping leather cord, and the potential third version had the pendant and the leather cord… that didn’t clasp and tied instead.

          To my understanding and knowledge, the re-released versions of the pendant (and chain) did not have the high luster polished shine that the original version had. Rather, the re-released versions had a more gunmetal matte finish which… makes a lot of practical sense because it is difficult to maintain such a high luster finish/polish on sterling silver if it is worn a lot. Also, the chain on it was not the same as the original chain. The original chain is more snake-like; the re-released version is more standardized and also has the same gunmetal matte finish rather than the high luster polished finish.

          If the person hasn’t shown it to you already, I would recommend asking to see pictures of the entire chain, too, just to make sure the clasp and everything else is okay.

          The concave surface isn’t from the polishing I don’t think; it is literally how the pendant mold was/is shaped so I don’t think there’s anything to fear from it. Sterling silver is fairly hardy; it can stand quite a lot of polishing without any effects aside from shine.

          $425 is not a bad price at all in my honest opinion (and yes, this includes the thought that this is an official re-release) – as long as the pendant and chain have no damage besides minor tarnishing (that’s why I suggest getting a picture of the entire chain just to make sure), but really, it is entirely up to you as I do not wish to be particularly influential in your decision-making one way or another.

          This means a lot to you, so go with your heart and gut and all the best of luck and please let me know what you decide! If you go for it, I’d love some pictures from you. 🙂


          • Paul says:

            Ok, your answer explains everything. I really need the original version with high luster polished shine. I knew that something goes wrong with this one, it is much less shinning and is very dark color. My heart just cannot accept this one, I need the original one. I saw that a guys sold that one for 710$ on ebay, but the auction ended long time ago. I will keep an eye on ebay every day from now.

            Thank you very very much for your answer again. I would come to you once I find another original one(very hard I think, but I keep searching). Good day, my friend.

            • Aith says:

              You are quite welcome and all the best of luck in your searching.

              Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions or would like me to look at any more pictures. 🙂

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