Scent of Cloud Strife – in Review

In a previous post, I mentioned that I lost my wallet to a collector’s item called Sephiroth Eau de Toilette – an Eau de Toilette perfume scent themed after Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

Well, after considering how much I enjoyed the product (you can catch the full review HERE), I ended up losing my wallet to the complementary Cloud Strife version appropriately labeled as Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette.

Given the history between Sephiroth and Cloud, it didn’t seem quite right to have Sephiroth’s version of the scent and not Cloud’s. Furthermore, given how pleased I was with the Sephiroth-themed scent, I didn’t suppose that the Cloud Strife-themed scent would disappoint… and lucky me, it didn’t!

However, my final vote for product preference is still cast for the Sephiroth-themed scent and here’s the review that tells why.

Packaging – 4.5/5


Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

Like the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette, the Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette came packaged in a black box made of very stiff cardboard and embossed on the full-sized lid simply in silver lettering: Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette, and embossed in smaller lettering: e50mL 1.7FL.OZ.

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

Unlike the Sephiroth version, however, there is no protective plastic slipcover to hold/bind around the entire package. Instead, in place of the slipcover is a ring of stiff black cardboard that functions to hold the box together.

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

Finally, the UPC sticker/label that was stuck to the plastic slipcover on the Sephiroth version is stuck directly on the box itself on the back side. Owing to the crispness of the sticker and the exactness of placement on the box, I am quite certain that this is a manufacturing result and not the result of someone tampering with the product.

Overall, the packaging – like the Sephiroth version – is sturdy, simple, elegant, and tastefully labeled. As a collector, I really appreciated having the UPC label stuck to the slipcover so having the UPC stuck straight on the back of the box is a minor disappointment. That aside, the outside packaging quality is excellent and on par with the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette.

If I had never encountered the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette, I might not feel so picky about the missing plastic slipcover and the issue with the UPC label, but since I already have the Sephiroth version to compare against, I feel compelled to give the rating a little nick. If you’re wondering where the 4.5 came from, this is why.


Alike the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette, opening the box and looking into the full-sized (meaning, the lid extends to the bottom of the box and not just partway) box lid shows a thick memory-like foam padding.

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

Inside the actual box, the bottle of Eau de Toilette is nestled in a very snug and secure compartment made of the same thick black foam, but in layers to ensure adequate padding on all sides.

Overall, the inner packaging is not only tastefully done, but also gives me a peace of mind in knowing that if I keep the bottle in storage that I will not need to worry about possible breakage.

The thick foam padding is as sumptuous as it is practical and like the outer packaging, it speaks volumes. Not only is this product a collectible, but it is something to be cared for and has been given its own ‘amenities’.

PRODUCT – 4.5/5


Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

As expected, the bottle makes an elegant statement with its rectangular length of thick clear glass and silver embossed lettering that matches the lettering style found on the black box.

In addition to the labeling that is duplicated on the black box – the Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette message – the bottle is also embossed on the front with part of a silver cloudy wolf design and the whole effect is completed with a miniature cloudy wolf dangle charm that comes wrapped in tissue paper to prevent scratches.

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

Overall, the bottle is nothing particularly fancy but it matches the theme set by its packaging. It is tastefully elegant and packs a visual punch whether displayed on its own or displayed in its box.

As a bonus, it looks awesome paired with the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette as one is clear and the other is black and both keep the same general bottle shape and are embossed with silver. Definitely complementary.


After my positive experience with the Sephiroth-themed scent, I was a lot more willing to give the Cloud Strife-themed scent a try.

I had been previously worried about the flowery second layer overpowering the first and final layers in the Sephiroth version and then later realized that I had no need to be concerned. With the Cloud-themed scent, I shared the same concern as the layering for the scents is similar and where the actual scent is reassuringly non-overwhelmingly flowery, it definitely has a different feel to it.

The ‘fruit’ in the scent comes first and it appears like a burst of sweetness from fresh fruit being cut in half. Where the fruity layer shares similarities with Sephiroth’s scent, the citrus tones are less present and in its place, the melon, peach, and apricot are stronger which gives the scent a richer feel.

What follows next in the way of a morning glory twining its way up a trellis is the second floral layer. The second floral layer also shares similarities with Sephiroth’s scent, but where the floral qualities were more muted in the Sephiroth version, the floral comes out stronger – enhanced by the sweetness of the previous fruity layer.

With the floral scent being sharper and more pronounced, when the third and final layer appears, introducing the last earthy notes (particularly, amber, musk, and oak moss) into the mix, the final result is an overall richer, spicier, and earthier scent compared to the Sephiroth-themed version.

Like with the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette, just a little is all that’s needed to give a full impression and a sparing bit goes a long way as a single spritz in the early afternoon lasted me all the way until I headed for bed.

Overall, where the scent combination harmonizes well, for someone like me who prefers something lighter and crisper with subtler spicy and earthy notes for the final touch, I would choose the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette for my scent as opposed to this Cloud Strife version.

The scent, like the Sephiroth-themed scent, is unisex, and the deeper floral and earthy notes lends itself as a potential favorite for those who favor the strength of such scents. If my nose knows what it is smelling, I would suggest that for the men who like the muskier Armani scents and for the women who like the richer Lancome scents, the Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette would suit particularly well.

In the end, it is a richer scent that can make a bold statement and since the scent is best (especially since it is stronger than the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette) applied lightly, the 50mL bottle will go a long long way. The potential boldness of the scent cannot be overlooked, so my advice would be to be especially mindful in regards to application.

Finally, as I consider the scent to be a bit too rich – a bit too floral and a bit too much amber and oak – and find it a bit too easy to over-apply (and I am very conservative in application to begin with) I nicked a bit off from the overall product rating.

Overall – 4.5/5

From packaging to perfume, Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette is both an excellent collector’s item and a (not-so-surprisingly) sound competitor against other branded scents.

Encouraged by my earlier Sephiroth Eau de Toilette purchase, I purchased this item as a complementary piece to match and counter the Sephiroth-themed scent.

Since the Sephiroth Eau de Toilette had given me such a positive impression, I was quite confident in the potential quality of this purchase and I am very pleased to say that the product does not disappoint and where I did nick a bit off of my ratings, much – if not all – of it is a matter of personal taste rather than actual fault in the product.

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette delivered on all accounts and then some more; the product is – in construction, looks, and utility – quite a handsome collector’s piece and I am extremely pleased that I have one in my collection.

Over and out,

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