Scent of Sephiroth

FFVII - Advent Children - Sephiroth-themed Eau de Toilette To kick-start Riding the Net, my first post is going to be about how I lost my wallet to that item right over there which happens to be a 50mL Sephiroth-themed crystal bottle of Eau de Toilette.

Yes, you heard me right.

A Sephiroth-themed Eau de Toilette appropriately named: Sephiroth Eau de Toilette.

In other words, a bottle of perfume of the Eau de Toilette variety (1/6th of the concentration of perfume – thank god!) themed after Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy VII Compilation fame (or infamy as it were).

I’m not much of a frivolous spender or, as Rich Dad Poor Dad might put it, a person who spends a lot on ‘doodads’. Most things I buy with my disposable income are mostly practical as I tend to get more enjoyment out of things that are useful.

A new hard drive when an old one is about to give up its ghost for example. Or, a new stylus and battery and a RAM upgrade to keep my old(er) tablet PC happy and usable. And, more recently, a new wristwatch because the old one finally broke and couldn’t be saved.

On the rare occasion that I do indulge in something truly frivolous, it has been something like… oh say a Cookie Monster plushie manufactured by Gund that has been marked down to less than five bucks including tax.

Frivolous, right?

So I suppose in that vein, the Sephiroth-themed perfume is just down that same alley except for its price.

I’ll admit it; I’m a pretty big Final Fantasy fan and Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) was the first Final Fantasy game I really took notice of because it was released for the PC in addition to being released for the PSOne console. I didn’t own a PSOne at the time and I didn’t own a PS2 until much later, but my family did own a personal computer and so naturally, I took interest in FFVII when it was first released.

Long story short, I – like many other fans – ended up enjoying FFVII immensely and have been a fan of it ever since and when FFVIII was released (also for the PC), I became a fan of it, too.

Since I had picked up one of the ten thousand limited edition Perfect Grade Necklace Sets featuring a sterling silver replica of Squall Leonhart’s Griever necklace as my ‘souvenir’ for being a fan of Final Fantasy VIII, I thought it would only be appropriate to pick up a similar ‘souvenir’ for Final Fantasy VII.

Something frivolous, something collectible, and something… geeky.

Like, REALLY geeky. ‘Stupid’ to non-fan geeks, even.

Bearing that in mind, when I came across adverts for the Sephiroth and Cloud-themed Eau de Toilettes, I knew that I had a winner.

Hell if I’m a scent wearer – the extremely occasional cologne sees use maybe once every other year if it’s lucky (hey, I said IT, not ME!) – but a Sephiroth-themed crystal bottle of Eau de Toilette?

Hell yeah.

It’s rather over-the-top like much of Square Enix’s themed merchandise is (the ‘fruitiness’ of one of the scent layers also makes me raise an eyebrow), it is something that I really don’t have a need for, and it is symbolic to me of how much of a Final Fantasy VII geek I have been for the last many years despite doing nothing and having nothing to outwardly show for it.

I guess in some ways, it’s my way of saying, “Thanks for the ride, it’s been fun!” because really, it has.

With that said, I’ll post an official review of the souvenir in question once I receive it.

Over and out,

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